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Hey There

I am a professional musician living in Utah Valley and I consider it a great privilege to do what I do. At an early age, I became fascinated with the drums; the feel, sound, look, everything. . . All of it drew me in. Here I am twenty years later and it still excites me.


I have had the immense pleasure of sharing the stage with some amazing artists who I greatly respect, such as: Ben Rector, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Nathan Osmond, Alex Boye, The Johnson Files, Redhead Express, Truman Brothers, Joshua Creek, Brett Raymond, Garon Brett, and others. 


Along with playing, teaching is a major part of my professional life. Seeing my students grow and building relationships with them is life-changing. 

Please shoot me a note in the contact form for inquires about drum recording sessions (remote or in studio), gigs, lessons, or any other questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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